Survey Grade Floor Plans

Measured Building Surveys - Floor Plans


The underpinning element of most measured building surveys delivered in 2D, are the floor plans.

Often complemented with elevations and cross section drawings, the internal floor plans provide a top down view of the building layout, floor by floor, with height information annotated.

The equipment we use to produce the floor plan survey varies depending on the purpose and the specification. Ranging from hand held tape measures and laser measures, to total stations and 3d laser scanners, we can deliver drawings to support: -

Redevelopment or refurbishment
As built records
Facilities management
Party wall agreements
Commercial valuation
Fire escape plans

Building floor plans can be captured to the correct level of detail and accuracy for your project. Whether this involves the main structural features and architectural details or custom detailing including radiators, light switches, electric points, sanitary fixtures and reflected ceiling plans.


When we discuss your measured building survey specification, we try to determine whether it should be treated as Unconnected, Semi-Connected or Fully Connected.

Unconnected measured building surveys use very simple methods to produce accurate room areas and measurements, but the relative positions of rooms are not accurate as a whole. This might be used to determine the lettable area of the individual rooms within a property.

Semi-connected measured building surveys incorporate at least one floor which has been fully verified using instrument control. I.e, that floor (usually the ground floor) is accurately surveyed and all rooms and wall thicknesses relate to each other correctly and to scale. Typically used for multiple level floor plans, additional floor plans will stack neatly over the ground floor footprint using common features. The ground floor position of structural walls are assumed as correct for other floors and wall verticality is not measurable. This is adequate for most redevelopment or refurbishment of standard properties.


Fully connected measured building surveys make no such assumptions and each floor, or part of the building is measured from the fixed survey control. This accurately presents all floors relative to each other, showing the extent of lean and varying structural thicknesses through the property. This may be required where redevelopment involves extensive structural changes, or for old/period properties which are far from "square".


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