Cross Sections/Sectional Elevations

Measured Building Surveys - Cross Sections


Cross section drawings usually accompany floor plans and elevations as part of a full measured building survey. A "cut" or "slice" is made through any part of the building and/or land.

Typically, the main structural details immediately on the cut line are shown. Full elevation detailing is sometimes shown in the back/foreground of the cross section. Sections can be customised to show the required information for your project, with or without dimensions and annotation.


Traditionally, section drawings would be reproduced from the information presented in the 2d floor plans and elevations. Surveying techniques have evolved significantly and 3d laser scanners are increasingly used to capture full point clouds on measured building survey projects. This provides another option when producing cross section drawings, allowing very concise positioning of the cut line and a higher level of detail where necessary.


Where a measured building survey has been produced using laser scanning methods, we can supply the point cloud along with free software to inspect the cloud, cut sections and measure distances and heights.


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